Terminal II at Chopin Warsaw Airport

The new terminal at Okęcie is the first building designed and implemented in Poland by the team of Estudio Lamela. The new building has enabled the increase of the number of passengers from 3.5 million to 10 million passengers per year. The design provided the option for further expansion of the terminal in case of an increase in the number of passengers travelling to the Schengen area. To facilitate the future integration of T1 and T2  the same modulation (9,6×9,6m) has been used.

The facade of the pier and the terminal was designed as fully glazed, so as to create the impression of lightness and transparency and to provide a visual contact between various zones of the interior, while providing a natural light to the largest possible part of the terminal. Among the most important tasks of the designers was to ensure the smooth flow of passengers, as well as to address the issues related to overall passenger safety.

One of the major challenges resulted from the fact that the expected time of the construction of the terminal fell during Polish access to the Schengen zone. As a result of inability to determine the exact date of delivery of the building, it was required to design several options, taking into account the operation of the building for both situations (before and after access to Schengen zone), whilst ensuring a collision-free flow of passengers. It has been a real three-dimensional puzzle.

design competition

bulding permit design

detailed design

site supervision

construction completed: 2008

PUM: 150 000 m²

investor: Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe „Porty Lotnicze”

design & build by the consortium of Budimex-Ferrovial-Estudio Lamela

design by team of Estudio Lamela Poland

cooperation: arch. Paweł Czaplicki