We are architects

We enjoy challenges

We specialize in large scale public projects, but we are just as interested in designing houses and offices.
We particularly enjoy projects in the field of transportation: airport terminals, metro stations, tram depots; as well as stadiums and other sports facilities.
We are also passionate about working on projects of a different scale: from visual information, through interior design, to site planning and urban studies.

The image and the form of the building

are important to us, but during the design process we are always thinking about the building's users. About the daily life of the inhabitants, about passers-by, about enthusiastic sports fans.


We are practitioners.

We strive to develop beautiful conceptual designs, but we know that technical design and construction supervision are just as important. We have learned that those concluding design phases have the largest impact on the final effect and on favorable relations with the client.

We have a broad portfolio

We have perfected it during our over 10-year
co-operation with Estudio Lamela.