city stadium “Cracovia”

The redevelopment of the stadium included closing and covering the stands as requested by the organizers of the competition. We have proposed to adjust the orientation and turn the playing field in such a way as to be parallel al. Focha, which allowed it to better fit into the street grid.  We have managed to fit whole functional programme inside the stadium building and create two public squares on both sides of the main building. A new way of arranging the whole site allowed for a better contact with area of Błonie and gave the area back to public.

To achieve the overall lightness of the building and to avoid being overwhelmed by the 150-meter north façade seen from Błonie side, we have mirrored elements of the tree lane in the form of slender vertical structural elements, accompanied by a glazed facade. The resulting string of straps constitutes a reference to the great order of columns in front facade of Muzeum Narodowe building. At the same time, when considered together with flooring patterns, they are inspired by Cracovia club colours.  

Strict conditions set out in the local plan, a prominent location and several additional requirements set by the client resulted in the most difficult challenge in designing this stadium – achieving the requested number of seats and the proper lighting while keeping the minimum height of the building.

design competition

bulding permit designt: 2008-2009

detailed design: 2009

construction completed: 2010

PUM: = 16 000 m²

Client / investor: Municipality of Krakow

design by team of Estudio Lamela Poland