Katowice stadium

As the future stadium is surrounded by parks we have designed a building form with soft edges, which will harmoniously fit into the context of the place. Hence the rounded form of the corners of the stadium and the circular plan of the sports and entertainment hall. Both parts of the facility (stadium and hall) have been integrated in one building so that they can effectively share some of their functions. The main hall, sports and training facilities, media service and administrative functions were combined, assuming that the events in the hall and stadium will not be held in parallel.

A linear fa├žade is made of mesh panels that by their organic form refer to the surrounding greenery and emphasize the dynamism associated with the sport function. Elevation panels’ inner side (“lining”) is yellow. This color has been complemented by some black elements, which in combination with the surrounding greenery and the natural color of the grassland refer to the colors of the GKS Katowice team.

The structural layout of the stadium is formed by reinforced concrete frames, topped with a steel roof structure, covered with a roofing membrane. The structural frame will be placed on reinforced concrete foundation footings.

competition: 2018

15 000 seats

III place in SARP competition

collaboration: Stoprocent Architekci