public underground car park at Plac Powstańców Warszawskich in Warsaw

A four-storey, public underground car park with 420 parking lots will be built near Powstańców Warszawskich Square in Warsaw.

The concept for the development of the square has been developed during the Charette workshop. It was proposed to divide the square into a number of functional zones of different nature.

The project envisages significant changes in the road communication system of the square: traffic calming, reduction of transit traffic and limitation of ground parking spaces to the necessary minimum is planned.

The architecture of the entrance buildings is based on a contrasting combination of a light, external facade and an internal, massive structure made of exposed concrete. The ceilings of the buildings can accomodate a green roof.

A significant difficulty in developing the site plan for the square was the densification of the underground networks and installations.

conceptual design: 2019

usable area –  11 880 m²

site area – 16 500 m²

investor: Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

concessionaire: IMMO Park Warszawa

general contractor: Mota-Engil