Legia Warsaw centre in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Academy Football Legia Warszawa is committed to the comprehensive training of future generations of Polish players. The program for  the training center in Grodzisk Mazowiecki is based on cooperation and exchange of experiences  with the pioneers in the field of training of youth football.

Whilst developing consecutive stages of the project we often reminded ourselves that were designing a building which was to serve as a temporary home for young players and their coaches. Our goal was to design functional well-connected spaces, that are user-friendly and filled with light. We also wanted the building’s image to represent the fighting spirit of Legia Warsaw.

One of the challenges was to design a functional layout of the main building, bearing in mind a very wide application program (which has been detailed only during the design process) and very specific spatial relationships between the different functional zones.

conceptual design: 2015

building permit design: 2016

detailed design: 2016 – 2019

occupancy permit: 2020

usable area of ​​the aboveground part of the main building: 7 200 m²

client / investor: Akademia Piłkarska Legii Sp. z o.o.

cooperation: Estudio Lamela