residential complex ul. Grota-Roweckiego / Lechonia in Wrocław

Intimate residential development in the dynamically developing district Krzyki in Wroclaw.

Three buildings, three storeys and an underground garage.

We aimed to create good quality, highly functional flats, with brightly lighted rooms, the option to separate the kitchen, and with no wasted square meters. We wanted to create an architectural image not too pompous  and to adapt the whole development to the pedestrian scale.

It has been unexpectedly difficult – as for relatively small buildings – to develop a structural design that would correspond to the proposed layout of the appartments.

conceptual design: 2014

bulding permit design: 2014

detailed design: 2015

site supervision: 2015-2017

PUM = 4892 m²

building area of ​​2440 m²

client/investor: Mota-Engil

cooperation: design by team of Estudio Lamela Poland